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Loose horse
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Shetland Ponies

About Us...


Georgina and Heather have an extensive history of training horses as well as working within the film and television industry, with a passion for both aspects of their expertise. By combining these two passions, we are able to bring you Leading Lady Stunt horses. 

As a company we acknowledge that the film and television industry is predominantly male led. Therefore, we are proud to offer you a female led company. 

We work in accordance to guidelines suggested by world horse welfare. this is done to ensure that the horses are not only trained, but managed and maintained to an incredibly high standard. 




What can we offer?


We have a wide variety of horses; from Spanish bred horses, majestic Friesians, colorful cobs, fairytale greys, to small horses and Shetland ponies.


-Classical dressage

-Race horses





-Loose horses


-Jousting and mounted archery 

-Mounted sword combat 

-Tricks (rear, bow, lay down etc.)



-We can also provide trained and skilled riders for your production.



-Fully insured, we are able to offer 'actor's lessons' prior to shooting.


-We have a large selection of decorative tack and are able to source more. 


Please send enquiries to both email adresses as sometimes we have problems with internet connection in the welsh hills

Email - leadinglady.stunts@yahoo.com



Telephone - Heather Morris -   07578877903

                     Georgina Scott -  07432230416

*please note, the contact form below does not always work so always safest to send emails direct to the addresses above

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